Monday, November 30, 2020

How to fix URL will be index - URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met


URL will be indexed / URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met

If you have created your website and it has been for another 4 - 5 months or if four - five months have not been completed, then you have nothing to do with tension.

Now you will leave the URL will be index of this type of problem and focus on your content, keep on doing regular updates and keep uploading posts from that interval so that you upload and keep updating.

This problem will end with time, just keep posting and updating according to the interval you want, after 4-5 months, this problem will be resolved. Now your website is new

If you think that this problem should be fixed soon, then it will be done in such a time, but for that you will have to bring more traffic to your website (1000 / day) and this will make Google very will crawl quickly that website will be indexed in Google very quickly because it is not possible to index new website quickly in Google so soon it will be possible only if traffic comes on site Gega and Google will make it a roll. Now when Google does not crawl it, when no visitors reach it, Google does not know that Google takes time to roll this one, if you will create a high quality back link and you will get all will to share on social media platforms

In this way, you can solve this problem of yours. It happened to me as well, when I started, I searched a lot but I did not get any solution from it, then I discussed the Google team, they told that this problem with me will be fixed because they are not able to call the new website so soon because the traffic of that website is very less. If traffic is coming, then we crawl it quickly because visitors come from there, so we are also trying to provide good content to the users, so we crawl quickly the websites where traffic is more and which also new website starts, it keeps crawling over time according to our team

I do not have a screenshot of Google's mail right now because this problem happened to me long ago and I am putting this article today because I have been happy with this place where I was asking for their solution, so I thought that the solution for this Problem Everyone should be told and people do not waste their time and concentrate on their content that if they stop writing content in their affair, then they are very wrong with them. Defense is why I am writing this article

 Now the work is yours to share this problem with all your friends, if you help each other, then you will move ahead yourself.

 There are some people who do not tell each other but we should not boast about

 So hope you have understood this problem, if you have understood this problem, then share it with all your friends as they are troubled by this problem.

How to fix URL will be index!  URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met

Today we will solve your problem URL will be index / URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met, there is no need for tension. This is not a big problem, for this you will have to maintain patience.

LURL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met

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How to fix URL will be index ! URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met  how to fix

You will see this problem when you are requested to index the URL of your website on webmastergoogle search consol. You have as many sections of webmaster i.e. Google search console as coverage 'mobile eligibility' breadcrums, and these  You may have seen Greintech on all but there you may not have seen the map of your post, some posts have a sitemap, some posts do not have a sitemap.  You do not have to take tension, when you click on URL will be indexed, then you will get to read the condition of Google search console but from there you will not understand anything, if you know a little bit of English, then you will understand a little. 

And when you search the URL of your website, you will get to see only a few posts of your website (2 - 3 - 4 - 5 ..) in Google, so the solution of this problem is that your problem ends in time.  It will be done and it is not a problem, it just means that you do not have your website yet and Google will get time to index it.